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Angie Ordonez

Mortgage Lenders

Listed below is the contact information for a few local MORTGAGE LENDERS. – just click on the name & you will be taken to their websites. In my opinion, it’s better for a home buyer to use a mortgage lender that you can actually walk into their office and you can meet your lender, as opposed to only being able to reach someone by phone. That is why I do not recommend using an online mortgage lender, who you’ll never meet in person, and who might disappear on you or you might have a very hard time reaching them.

If you contact any of these mortgage lenders, please share with them how you heard of them!

Integrity Home Mortgage Jeremy Throckmorton

Tidewater Mortgage Services Joshua Sager 

Integrity Home Mortgage Scott Fournier


NOTE: The information here is provided solely for the convenience of Buyers and Sellers and does not constitute a recommendation. The Buyer or Seller has the right to select any person or firm to provide such service. Agent Angie Ordonez may not have any information as to the reputation or quality of services provided by such persons or firms and may not be knowledgeable of any situations whereby unsatisfactory services may have been provided by such persons or firms. Agent Angie Ordonez receives no compensation for referring the services of such persons or firms. Agent Angie Ordonez and NextHome Realty Select are not liable for any causes of action, claims and demands whatsoever arising from or connected with the services or materials provided by any persons or firms hired by Buyers and Sellers from these referrals.